SANA ASHOOR | graphic design and communication specialist

Based in Bahrain, specialised in Design and Communications

+973 33 1 222 51

Hello web browser. I am a communications specialist with more than 8 years experience in branding, print, and advertising. Lived in Egypt for 5 years doing my BSc. In Visual and Educational arts, exploring the amazing surroundings and history there.

I live in a little village, called Sanad, in a tiny island, called Bahrain. Of course, I have plans and goals to accomplish ( will list that here, maybe, one day). 

At the moment my life revolves around my family. That is my husband, Ali Al Haiki, Who is a senior internal auditor in STC (Saudi Telecom), and my sweet angle, my daughter, Mina who is 16 months.  


Ali Haiki, Mina and I, have dinner together almost everyday. Most of the days. Many of them. 50%.

My little one.