SANA ASHOOR | graphic design and communication specialist

Based in Bahrain, specialised in Design and Communications

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Hello web browser. I am a communications specialist with more than 8 years experience in branding, print, and advertising. Lived in Egypt for 5 years doing my BSc. In Visual and Educational arts, exploring the amazing surroundings and history there.

This is my personal portfolio including my designs at the agencies I worked in throughout my career. All of it below belongs to those agencies. The works can't be replicated, used or associate to anyone other than them.

Zain Calendar 2016

The idea here is to encourage Zainers to aim for stronger and higher resolutions for the new year.

Boursa Kuwait Branding

The brief was to bring Kuwaiti traditions into a modern financial logo. The idea came from sailing techniques, specifically (Jibbing) that is ( a sailing maneuver whereby a sailing vessel reaching downwind turns its stern through the wind).

Bahrain Tender Board Annual Report

The concept here came from Tetris game and how a player wins when a block is built with the right sequence and given shapes.

Turbina Green Energy

I started here with names options, Turbina is a spanish name for Turbine. This is a full branding job, and three options were presented.

TRA (Telecom Regulations Authority) Brochure

Enabling digital growth was the message, and from there came the tree rings, which reflects growth, using thin lines and modern colours.

Zain Annual Report 2015

Two routes are presented here. On the left we are focusing on the horizons. The right is on added value.

Bank Alkhair Branding

Entrepreneur packages Campaign

Aljazeera Contracting Rebranding

Government of Bahrain

The objective was to unify all ministries and authorities under the umbrella of Government of Bahrain. I started with simplifying the coat of arms, then worked with a calligrapher to draw the Arabic and match it to English. The challenge was to unify the look of all 14 entities, this required technical skills and knowledge, and high negotiation skills with top decision makers of the kingdom.

Telecom Regulation Authority (TRA) Consumer Awareness Campaign