SANA ASHOOR | graphic design and communication specialist

Based in Bahrain, specialised in Design and Communications

+973 33 1 222 51

Hello web browser. I am a communications specialist with more than 8 years experience in branding, print, and advertising. Lived in Egypt for 5 years doing my BSc. In Visual and Educational arts, exploring the amazing surroundings and history there.

A right and left brain thinker

Miguel Horta Pardal

A right and left brain thinker, Graphic designer and project manager, now in Lisbon. 



Atsuko Watanabe

With 10 years experience in graphic design, I have a strong understanding in brand development process from building branding strategies, identity concepts. product development. designing packaging systems  and various marketing collaterals. I am especially experienced in designing luxury goods and services; such as fancy foods, cosmetics, and resort real-estates and urban development.


Najla Qamber

Najla Qamber, or otherwise known as Naj, has been brought up in a persian/filipino atmosphere. She's known as the golden child amongst her siblings for her achievements at a young age, that included newspaper features of her artwork, and writing. Also, landing an internship at the Middle East's most prestigious branding consultancy, Unisono. She entered Unisono with her in-depth imagination, and the knowledge of only Photoshop and with the help of the Creative Director who mentored her, gained skills in Indesign and Illustrator. 


Samar Eskafi

Do not know where to start or what to say here, but I am not going to ruin this with whatever description I am about to say. Just take a breath. And fly - as Samar would say.

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